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Notaio Italia gets the notarial sector to do a new breakthrough, by this management portal for the clients and in favour of the notaries. Set up a paperwork by the electronic process is a real innovation in this sector, because it simplifies some passages that are often considered long and confused; furthermore it reduces a good part of the work for the office, giving it the chance to yeld to contained costs and fees. Thanks to the this process in completely automation, you are followed -before and after- in the deed’s stipulation and you can also interact with a qualified staff; ask for copies of the documents -in compliance to the original- and invoices; and accelerate the communication between office and client.


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Notaio Italia supports you in every phase during a family deed’s stipulation, for a donation or a good’s separation.This online procedure has many advantages, from the efficiency in covering all the necessary steps with an notary assistant to moderate costs.

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Notaio Italia determines for you all the phases to reach a corporate deed’s stipulation. The advantages to stipulate in an office with the preliminary paperwork 2.0’s procedure bring to the reduction of the steps and costs for the paperwork.

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Real Estate

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Notaio Italia helps you during the stipulation of a real estate deed, both for a residential or a commercial buying and selling, with usufruct or bare ownership. Directly from your house you have some advantages because you can gather all the documentation necessary for the deed’s stipulation. In this way, the timing are much accelerated respect than the classic practice.
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Notaio Italia helps you during the stipulation of all the types of deeds present in the market, during the phases of the process that ends the day of the stipulation. Directly from the portal you will able to choose the support you need between different types of easy assistance services to set up your practice.

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